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  • Top 10 Countries Where Wind Turbines Are Used Most Efficiently – updated article with new information

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    Many countries around the world have started using wind turbines for power generation.
    Wind energy is clean and environmentally friendly, with no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.
    Wind turbines can be very efficient when properly located to harness the large amounts of energy provided, while protecting the earth.

    1. The United States
    Wind turbine efficiency is great in the U.S., as more equipment is set up in various places across the nation. This benefits the population immensely and can free the country from its dependence on foreign oil, which pollutes the environment. The U.S. is using wind power generation more than ever before.

    2. India
    Currently about 5 percent of India’s energy is being supplied by wind power generation. However, this percentage goes up every year. In the future, it is projected that India could actually surpass bigger and more developed nations that also use alternative energy sources. 

    3. Germany
    When it comes to green energy in general, Germany is a top country. As for wind turbine efficiency, it is also doing really well, considering that over 10 percent of the nation’s energy is supplied by wind power generation. 

    4. France
    France is also on top of the list when it comes to green energy, because it uses various sources, including ocean power. Wind turbine efficiency is also this country’s strong point, although not as strong as Germany’s – France currently generates one percent of its energy from wind power. 

    5. Spain
    More than 11 percent of this country’s energy comes from wind power generation. Spain has always been inclined towards environmental protection, and the widespread use of wind turbine technology reaffirms the nation’s commitment to green energy. 

    6. The United Kingdom
    There is a significant number of wind turbines currently being used in the U.K. There are many areas across the country, which consistently have high levels of wind all year long. This makes wind turbine efficiency very high, especially if the equipment is set up in the correct locations. Annually, 1-2 percent of energy is provided by wind power generation in the U.K. 

    7. China
    China is not considered environmentally friendly, but this is quickly changing. There is an increasing number of wind turbines being installed across the country to efficiently provide energy to its abundant population. Because of the high population, it is very important for China to be developing alternative energy methods, and wind power generation is one they are very efficient with. 

    8. Denmark
    This is one of the most efficient countries when it comes to alternative energy. About 20 percent of the country’s energy is provided by wind power generation. Therefore, Denmark does not suffer from problems like smog and pollution. 

    9. Italy
    Apart from being a beautiful place to live or visit, Italy is environmentally friendly as well. Wind turbine efficiency is great here, and it provides some the electricity for businesses and homes, while keeping the landscape beautiful and undamaged. 

    10. Portugal
    Although this is a small country, it has a great impact with its alternative energy use, including wind energy. Over 11 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from wind power generation, which is used very efficiently here.

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